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Class Parking Glasgow 🥰

Foot bridge over beck

Car barrier with gap for pedestrians cyclists and horses

Road barrier

Horse stile and cycle barrier

[Image taken 8.5.21] Duncombe Place, York. There’s shared use space for the full length of the Minster on this side. This means it’s permeable for people on foot or cycling between Duncombe Place or High Petergate (Bootham Bar end) and ... [more]

Cycle parking on link from Hills Road bridge to the busway

Of course it's more important to have a statutory lawyer's notice about trespass on the busway than a usable sign for the National Cycle Network.

Little-used link from the busway to Long Road

Little-used link from the busway to Long Road

Little-used link from the busway to Long Road

I imagine will people will want to reach this new park across the guided busway.

Access to this new park is directly from the guided busway. How can that be safe? No dropped kerb, so no wheelchair/cycle access.

Guided bus waiting at bollards/lights to continue on the guided busway - cyclists should turn left for the parallel route.

Cycle route sign well after cyclists need to have turned left - and it's hidden by the Caution - Bollards sign which isn't needed as only qualified bus drivers use this road. The route sign needs moving to where cyclists have to turn left.

Cycle parking at the AstraZeneca building, Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Start of bus and cycle route between the Royal Papworth Hospital and AstraZeneca buildings.

It would be good to have a contraflow cycleway, or failing that, some indication that the multi-storey car park is in the middle of a one-way circuit.

Link from Clay Farm to Addenbrooke's Road

One small house with three cars (one hidden) - despite having cycle and bus routes to Addenbrooke's and central Cambridge. What a waste.

This should be part of a 'strategic cycleway' through this new development.

Absolutely no attempt to complete the 'strategic cycleway' and link to the Clay Farm Community Garden

Absolutely no attempt to complete the 'strategic cycleway' between these two parts of the Clay Farm development.

The shared footway has been built along Spean Street without any thought for those that want to leave or join the route at intermediate junctions. Dropped kerbs are missing at various locations where such a turn may be required. And foot ... [more]

Car parking on the Spean Street shared footway.

Car parking on the Spean Street shared footway.

A route sign and pavement parking on the Spean Street shared footway. The shared footway effectively forms a contraflow since this section of the street is one-way.

The speed limit on the Clyde Tunnel cycle track.

Signage at Burghead Place.

Car parking in the Langlands Road cycle lane and footway. No waiting restrictions.

Cycle lanes being used for car parking, without any waiting restrictions. Designed for failure.

[Image taken 18.3.21] [Image taken 18.3.21] Bridge Lane end of Glass Bridge, York. See also #168589 and links.

[Image taken 18.3.21] [Image taken 18.3.21] Glass Bridge, York between Scarborough Terrace and Bridge Lane. Looking towards the Bridge Lane end. See also #168589 and links.

[Image taken 18.3.21] York, Glass Bridge, York over York-Scarborough rail line. The image shows the Bridge Lane end. (The top of the steps is on the left.) The painting was made in mid-March 2021. See also #168589 and links.

[Image taken 18.3.21] Detail of painting on Glass Bridge, York, looking towards the Scarborough Terrace end. See also #168589 and links.

[Image taken 18.3.21] Glass Bridge, York. The intimidating view of the ‘Glass Bridge’ as it’s known locally is mitigated this end by pink blooms on a white background. ... [more]

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Total incompetence - how hard could it have been to link the two cycleways? [done by May 2021]

Total incompetence - how hard could it have been to link the two cycleways? [done by May 2021]

[Image taken 4.5.21] Esplanade near car park, York. Diversion sign through the car park. Sign has the Trans Pennine Trail [] logo. The diversion will be in place until around ... [more]

[Image taken 5.5.21] Terry Avenue (Millennium Bridge/Butcher Terrace end). This zebra appeared at lunchtime. Passing spaces were being installed too. Their purpose and presence of the vehicles creating them further detract from the calm saf ... [more]

[Image taken 4.5.21] Tanner Row, York. This contraflow cycle lane is not safe for any user. Yet is now also signed for people in wheelchairs. See also: #168584 and links.

[Image taken 4.5.21] Wellington Row, York. These signs are not true. I am baffled by wheelchair users being directed this way. The pavements are not wide enough and the carriageway under pressure and hazardous. See also: #168585. Wellington ... [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The route (the section in which these pedestrians are walking) is open at its new width. Wider than the original (see: #166422) but much less than the covid-19 coned off popup: #157641. The bays ... [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. A very steep slope leads to/from Scarborough Bridge. To get up a slope on a cycle you need a runup and to be positioned correctly. Wider, longer cycles (see: #165610), and those with trailers ( ... [more]

[Image taken 16.3.21] St Andrewgate, York. Typical York cycles ie embellished with bags, baskets (fore and aft), bells, blooms... Alas no drop kerb to help those who have mobility issues and/or with a heavy cycle. And there's no space for w ... [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Cyclist position after riding down the steeper of the two slopes from Scarborough Bridge. This image tries to show how much space someone who is simply on a two wheeled, unadapted, cycle require ... [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Pedestrian approaching the slope marked for cycles but used by most people as it's more direct, shorter and the first one you come to from this direction. The corner is a blind one, though. See ... [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. View from the riverside end - just reopened in its new width format - of the route through Marygate car park. The red block shows where the steep slope to/from Scarborough Bridge intersects with ... [more]

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  • Icon 168587 Very narrow road, right outside a school entrance. Cars use it as a shortcut to avoid lights at Edward St/Richmond Place.
  • Icon 168586 Reduce speed limit to 30mph from Beggars Lane to Braunstone Cross Roads, cycle lanes are not fit for purpose except when for when standing traffic
  • Icon 168577 Pavement is wide enough however people always park their cars on it, despite the No Parking signs on the wall, meaning pedestrians have to walk along the road. Oddly, bollards have been added to pavements in other (much quieter) areas of this estate but not on North Side between Autumn Drive and Fall Pass where pavement parking occurs regularly each day.
  • Icon 168573 To access this path southbound, cyclists have to wait in the centre of a busy road, on a bend. No refuge. extend path to Anstey or provide safe means of access
  • Icon 168572 No improvement for pedestrian and cycle crossing here at all despite recent upgrade. crossing controls needed.
  • Icon 168571 The cycle lane surface is awful and lumpy and seems to be degrading. please can we have nice smooth paths laid by a machine?
  • Icon 168570 Add bikes here
  • Icon 168569 Add bikes here
  • Icon 168568 Bike share for the DMU Conference & Leisure Centre here please !
  • Icon 168567 Bike Share for Hinckley Road residents here please !
  • Icon 168566 Wider pavement to allow for wheelchairs and buggies. Bins and recycling boxes are a hazard to everyone and especially those less able to navigate the narrow pavements.
  • Icon 168534 Open up as cycle path to connect Marley Head & Dean Prior

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